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Bursting Water Pipes and Flood Damage

When a busted pipe causes home flooding


When water pipes cause flood damage. (Photo Credits)

A bursting water pipe is a common source of flood damage in any home or commercial property. The initial raction and response of a homeowner can help in minimizing the damage that it may bring about. San Diego, CA 

AA Blog shared some of the things the property owner must do while waiting for the emergency plumber to arrive.

“Turn off the water. Drain the pipe of water by turning on all cold taps and flushing all your toilets. Then switch off the water heating system and turn on all hot taps to help drain the water supply system. Simply put, when there is no water left in the pipe the leaking will subside. Prevent further damage. If the leak is coming through your ceiling, place a bucket under the problem area to prevent the spread of any further damage. Exercise caution. If a leak has gone unnoticed for a period of time in the attic, upstairs floors and ceilings may become unstable due to the weight of retained water. Never walk across a bulging floor as it could give way.”

Read the rest of the things that should be done here.

Initial Response

The website The Desperate Houselife emphasized the importance in seeking professional help during these times so as to avid further expenses brought about by flood damage.

“Unless your husband has experience with plumbing, you’ll need to call a professional. That is especially the case if you live in a rented property. Your landlord will want to see the official documentation that proves the work was carried out by a licensed expert. There should be many home repairs specialists in your local area. You just might have to get their contact details using your smartphone. Your laptop and WiFi connection aren’t going to work without any power. Once the professionals have fixed the pipes, you can start to clean up. It took me around six hours to get things back to normal. That is because the water damaged so much of our stuff. There are companies you can call if you need a hand. The people working for those firms are specially trained in ensuring no dangerous bacteria is left behind.”

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Frozen Pipes can Burst Too

British website Sure Stop also reminded its readers that frozen pipes can also burst, and subsequently cause flood damage.

“Frozen pipes occur more often in winter. A harsh drop in temperature causes the water passing through the pipes to freeze and expand, potentially leading to a burst pipe and flooding. A burst pipe, if left alone, can flood your home at a rate of 400 litres per hour. At the first sign of any water damage, it is important to turn your water supply off to prevent any further damage. If reading this article has got you thinking Stopcock, where’s that? Go check, incase of an emergency you will be prepared.”

Read the suggested initial responses here.

When pipes burst and it brought about significant flood damage, call in flood restoration professionals to minimize further water damage in your property.

When Roof Leaks Cause Flood Damage


Saturday, July 16, 2016

When Roof Leaks Cause Flood Damage

The damages a leaking roof may bring

Roof leaks repaired?

When the roof leaks, water damage begins. (Photo Credits)

Flood water damage does not only come from the usual flooding from outside the home, or from any failure in a home’s plumbing system. It can actually come ffrom above – the ceiling, the roof – which may leak of rain water or snow that has melted out. Check out Ace1 Website

Good Rich Roofing cautioned property owners that there is more damage to a leaking roof, than just the damaged ceiling.

“It’s easier for water to seep through a damaged roof and consequently destroy other parts of the home. Here are several signs of water damage: Bad smell coming from rotting wood or stagnant water; Dark yellow or brown stains on walls or ceilings; Damaged walls or ceilings (e.g., sagging ceiling or warped or buckled walls);  Soft, cracked, or cupping floors.” Read the rest of the post here.

The damage it brings

Lyon’s contracting says water damage to a home or a commercial property is the main type of damage a roof leak can cause.

“The attic and your ceiling are the first areas that water attacks in your home. Ceiling plaster might expand and bubble and ceiling paint might darken. The water can also damage the nearby walls’ plaster and paint. Long-term roof leaks can also promote mold and mildew growth, which can lead to health issues. Lastly, water can damage your rafters, fascia boards, wall framing, and ceiling joists.”

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What a property owner can do

Roof Doctor Utah says that to avoid the concern, a property owner should have regular roofing inspections.

“Investing in an inspection by a contractor at the end of every summer is good preventive maintenance. A roofing, siding, landscaping and piping professional are what makes up your ultimate team. Prepping your home for winter is a must, but few people do it. Don’t risk your biggest investment — start planning now for regular checks to ensure a safe home.”

More on this article here.

Once a roof leak is detected it is important that water damage inspections immediately take place so that restoration and remediation can be carried out as early as possible.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

What black water damage can do to the health

The dangers of black water damage


Sick with black water damage. (Photo Credits)

Category Three water damage or that which is described as Black Water Damage is the most illness-inducing kind of flood or water damage.

Weather-related flooding, community flooding, and sewage or drain related overflows cause black water damage.

The News Star featured what could go wrong with stagnating black water damage. Commercial Flood Service San Diego Read More        

“Mold and other fungi are bad for the house and for the occupants. Mold spores are an allergen and some types of molds produce mycotoxins. Decay-causing fungi grow in wood that stays wet for an extended period, causing it to lose strength. In a nutshell, a wet house is soon an unhealthy house and eventually a rotting house. To make matters even worse, such secondary damage may be excluded from coverage on your flood and homeowners insurance.”

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Black Water Damage

Restoration Master Finder described the dangers that come with black water. Read more Flood

“Black water damage is the most hazardous type of water damage and involves water that contains many harmful contaminants including microorganisms, sewage, and human or chemical waste.  Flood damage and sewage backups are the most common sources of black water damage and because of the risk to your health, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to clean up flood damage and any other black water damage because they have the right cleaning products to disinfect the affected surfaces and purify the air to eliminate mold spores and other airborne contaminants.  Mold, microorganisms, and toxins from waste materials can result in a range of allergic reactions and extended exposure can even lead to more serious respiratory problems including infections and difficulty breathing.”

Read the rest of the post here. for its part came out with guidelines on what to do upon returning home to a flood-damaged home.

“Keep children and pets out of the affected area until cleanup has been completed. Wear rubber boots, rubber gloves, and goggles during cleanup of affected area. Also try and limit skin exposure to the flood water and cleaning chemicals by wearing long sleeves and pants.”

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Have you ever dealt with flood water damage?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dealing with Flood-Damaged Documents

Restoration could still be a possibility

July10 361

Can Documents and Photos still be salvaged after getting damaged by a flood? (Photo Credits)

Looking at Flood Damaged Documents and Photos can be heart-wrenching. After the stress of picking up the pieces of a flooded home or business area, the inconveniences of having documents restored, or re-acquired could be massive.  Commercial Restoration Read More             

Just like what had happened in an Ellisville Courthouse as shared by media outfit WDAM-7.

“After rain fell heavily on Monday in the Pine Belt, documents dating back to the 1800s have been damaged at the Jones County Courthouse in Ellisville. Water leaked through the roof and inside the records room on the third floor, where the documents are stored.  Historian Johnny Pool is a frequent visitor and said he is angry at what he sees when he walks inside. “

Watch the report here.

Digitize what can still be saved

Route Fifty meantime shared that a city in New York had to digitize thousands upon thousands of boxes of documents following a massive flooding. Ace1 Restoration Website

“The county administration also had to deal with an archivist’s nightmare: 1,700 boxes of court documents, some dating back to 1795, were damaged, too. Following the storm, the county quickly had the waterlogged records freeze-dried to prevent molding or additional damage and cleaned of dirt to prepare them for digitization.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Prevention is the Key in protecting against water damage

Water Damage Advice shared some tips on how to avoid possible loss of legal documents due to water damage or flooding.

“Sort your documents by the ones that are most important to the ones that are less important. The most important documents will need to be moved as far away from flood damage as possible. This means upstairs or in an attic. You can even go the extra measure of storing them off of the property in a storage unit or a safety deposit box at a bank.”

Check out the rest of the tips here.

Finding appropriate storage within the home is also key in protecting documents from emergency flooding and water damage occurrences.

After floods, Mold Growth is next

Monday, June 6, 2016

After floods, Mold Growth is next

Flooding and Mold Growth

Sometimes my job is unpleasant ...

What a homeowner should know about mold growth following a flooding event. (Photo Credits)

Flooding  is already a devastating occurrence, but its aftermath can be equally devastating too. In as little as two days, flooded areas especially homes and establishments can be a breeding ground of molds, if and when these areas have not been dried and aired out properly.

To know if a home or commercial structure has molds, the health of the occupants may have to be observed according to the website Healthy Food Fitness Team. Emergency Flood damage San Diego, CA Homepage    

When you get chronically exposed to mold, the symptoms are mild at first and become more severe when your body gets overwhelmed. The symptoms are very similar to those of Lyme disease, Celiac disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and others so it is easy for doctors to misdiagnose you if they are not familiar with the signs of mold toxicity. Moreover, the treatment for these conditions is different from that of mold toxicity.”

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Other signs of mold danger

Environmental Services Group for its part explained that Frost Build Up could be another warning sign of mold growth in a home or business establishment. Commercial Services San Diego View Here     

Another sign of heat loss is frost buildup on the sheathing inside your garage or attic and it may be worth investigating for its potential to cause problems. Frost on the sheathing of your attic or garage indicates that your roof lacks proper air flow and inadequate air flow can lead to rotten sheathing and mold. Although some roof inspectors argue that a bit of frost in small, contained areas may not be a cause for concern – and in fact may even be expected in older homes – you should contact a trusted roofing professional if you spot any moderate to large areas of frost or any areas with especially thick frost. These can signal a severe problem in your attic or garage space, and eventually lead to rampant mold and mildew growth if left unattended.”

Read the full article here.

Signs of Infestation

AA Action Waterproofing also reminded its readers to look for obvious signs as well.

“Mold may not be seen easily, so you’ll want to know just where to look for it. Look in crawlspaces, particularly dark areas, or areas where you’ve found moisture before and with a flashlight, see if you can spot any mold growth in the area. Periodic checks like this can help you to stop a mold problem before it grows out of control.”

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Have you ever experienced flooding in your home?

How to choose the right flood damage restoration company

Monday, May 30, 2016

How to choose the right flood damage restoration company

Tapping the right flood damage professionals

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath - Howard Beach - 10/30/2012

Only trust the pros. (Photo Credits)

When flood damage happens, the common instinct is to either carry out the task single handedly, or hire a company to undertake the chore. Choosing to hire professional services is the right way to go, but the next concern is hot to choose a reliable and competent food damage restoration company. Ace1 Commercial Restoration 

Wiki Articles gave pointers to guide homes and businesses in hiring the right flood damage professionals.

“Ideally, a homeowner should find a service provider for this type of job before an emergency occurs. This will entail verification of two experts’ credentials followed by interviews with each one. When this job can’t be done before an emergency occurs, a person will also need to have each specialist visit his home for an inspection of the damage before making a hiring decision.”

See more here.

Up-to-date equipment

Article Bay also mentioned that a good service provider is fully-equipped with the tools and materials needed to carry out the chore, as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Ace1Restoration Home          

“A professional flood damage service will be able to use special vacuums to suck the water out of a home before it gets the chance to soak into the floor. They can also use special chemicals throughout the home to prevent the formation of mold if the water did seep in deep enough. It’s best to treat a home for mold problems after a flood, even if the homeowner thinks that they may have avoided any serious water damage. In addition to sucking the water out, a company will be able to dry the floors using towels and will place large fans all over the home. These fans are going to help the floorboards dry out quicker than they would by simply letting them sit for a few days. The quicker a home is dried and treated for potential mold problems, the safer the home will be in the future.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

 Cost Consideration

Financial consideration should also be taken into account when choosing the right flood damage professionals. noted some of the cost considerations that should be evaluated when choosing a flood damage restoration service.

“The most effective contractor should offer premium high quality services at relatively affordable pricing. It really is ready to go for contractors who have affordable repair quotations yet their services are fantastic. Besides, the best contractor will be able to complete the job inside the contracted time.”

Here’s the main post.

Have you ever tied hiring a flood damage professional? What factors helped you decide on getting them on board?