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After floods, Mold Growth is next

Flooding and Mold Growth

Sometimes my job is unpleasant ...

What a homeowner should know about mold growth following a flooding event. (Photo Credits)

Flooding  is already a devastating occurrence, but its aftermath can be equally devastating too. In as little as two days, flooded areas especially homes and establishments can be a breeding ground of molds, if and when these areas have not been dried and aired out properly.

To know if a home or commercial structure has molds, the health of the occupants may have to be observed according to the website Healthy Food Fitness Team. Emergency Flood damage San Diego, CA Homepage    

When you get chronically exposed to mold, the symptoms are mild at first and become more severe when your body gets overwhelmed. The symptoms are very similar to those of Lyme disease, Celiac disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and others so it is easy for doctors to misdiagnose you if they are not familiar with the signs of mold toxicity. Moreover, the treatment for these conditions is different from that of mold toxicity.”

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Other signs of mold danger

Environmental Services Group for its part explained that Frost Build Up could be another warning sign of mold growth in a home or business establishment. Commercial Services San Diego View Here     

Another sign of heat loss is frost buildup on the sheathing inside your garage or attic and it may be worth investigating for its potential to cause problems. Frost on the sheathing of your attic or garage indicates that your roof lacks proper air flow and inadequate air flow can lead to rotten sheathing and mold. Although some roof inspectors argue that a bit of frost in small, contained areas may not be a cause for concern – and in fact may even be expected in older homes – you should contact a trusted roofing professional if you spot any moderate to large areas of frost or any areas with especially thick frost. These can signal a severe problem in your attic or garage space, and eventually lead to rampant mold and mildew growth if left unattended.”

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Signs of Infestation

AA Action Waterproofing also reminded its readers to look for obvious signs as well.

“Mold may not be seen easily, so you’ll want to know just where to look for it. Look in crawlspaces, particularly dark areas, or areas where you’ve found moisture before and with a flashlight, see if you can spot any mold growth in the area. Periodic checks like this can help you to stop a mold problem before it grows out of control.”

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